Thursday, July 7, 2011


hehe,sport attire :D

i reli reli nid a Touch n GO card arrrgh !!!!
and the good news is my mum promise me will register 1 for me :D

today went to GYM workout 1...
oh gosh~!! thr were so mani dumbbell with different weight
dumbbells are displays on the rack, awwwwrrr...feel excited
after finished warm up and the explanation for all the machines,we goin to hav any exercise in 1 hours
yeshhhh~!!!! its time to play around the machines xD

i played 2.5kg dumbells each hand and face to the mirror
and i saw my biceps muscle's shape obviously
awww, im so strong xD
and now, feel wanna to hav a pair of dumbells in my home badly /.\
haha,goin to do research for the dumbells workout xDD

i ran on the jogging machine for 10minutes and ran distance 1.4km @@
after that, i go hav my weight test on the weight machine
the pointer was point at 52.5kg, hw thin i am??? wakakaka
>< i wan 6 pack at my abdomen
i  oso wan hav a beautiful and standard shape at my bicep's muscle :D

errrr...tire now and lazy to think too much for the nonsense =S

yiiii ....><
i cnt stop my mind to think about u now,miss u badly !!!! u saw it??
I LOVE YOU !!! stupid dear <3

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