Monday, June 27, 2011


look like somethings wrong today??

In the morning,i heard a news from my mom
that is my cousin who study form 3 and facing exam
he was decided to come out work and dunwan study anymore....
quite shocked and ''HARRRRRR?????!!!!!'' loudly at the kitchen
haiz...mayb influence by fren or environment,pity....

beside that,i oso discussed with my mom..
i wan to go grading to have my 1st DAN black belt
i wan to continue my study after college and own a master's cert

alot of things i wan to....
anyway,i have to settle my L license 1st...
planned to go have my undang test at tis saturday..../.\
wish goodluck to myself =]

suddenly headache while on the way back to home...
i seem like very troublesome ppl and hav many of limitations on eat
and nw,very hope to hav a sandbag to kick vigorously and relax myself


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