Sunday, July 17, 2011

saturday and sunday

tis 2 days most of my time were spended to her :)
uhmm, quite funny and happy outing with her and her's friends
about the taekwondo training i was feel very excited
tat is bcoz i already mastered my ''front hook'' and ''side kick''
quite shocked while i am used my ''jump front hook'' whn i sparring
i think tat is most deadly skill for me,lukily i din kicked the opponent @@

but the most funny stuff is i kicked someone's ''birdie''
he was squat on the floor and expose pain's expression,im oso nt willing to do that @@
hope tis time's competition wont let me dissapointed and get a medal :D

singk at neway with HER and her's friends
took alot of picture...
2 times of accident ...
3 hrs in k room....
haha,the most vital of outing is FUN!!!!! hehe xD
can i hope the time can stop at today???
it doesn't, except miracles happened :S

uhmm,felt that this time geh outing improved relationship between us <3
the time had passed fast...
I love you,YOU also love me rite?? hehe..

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