Monday, July 25, 2011


30th of july coming soon
dunno hw to describe my feeling nw
excited,panic,scaring,eating vinegar,and many many more was these kind of thing??

im noe many senior praise me
hw perfect my leg?
fake ! tis kind of joke...
but some of the praises nice to hear :S
im noe who i am...
i noe hw weak i am
and i noe im nt perfect
i will show hw perfect i am to those idiot,bastard,joker, who lose to me
but still wanna boast himself at thr
despise YOU seriouly~! dun bull shit thr dy

Terengganu,Kemaman !!! goin soon,wait me~~~ :D
tis time geh competition i wan take alot alot of photo with PTA members!
hav 2 times i din enjoyed myself in MSSKL sparring competition
and this time,i wont let myself look like stupid who sit at corner the watching matches !

ya,im stupid
i dunno wad u thinking
i dunno hw to comfort someone
ya, i noe my weakness made me like a stupid kia
ok...if someone juz hate me or angry about those weaksness
just leave from me~~~ya,thats all....

A peacefully day..Sunday that i ever had

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