Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Belated post

I won the match and get 3rd place in ITF TKD competition
happy for 2 days...
just gt some dissapointed and cnt get wad i expext to
my standard high than them
i can get champion
bcoz of me panic in the ring
i mess up reedom by myself
the moment i get the medal
my heart was pumped veri fast bcoz of too excited
in that time,i wanna hug my girl tight and tight :D

Selangor ITF TKD Closed competition coming soon
i swear i will train hard and i will get medal no matter wad
Klang,i coming!!!!!!

sometimes,i will very very selfish
 i will eat vinegar coz of small matter and little things
mayb tat horoscope was rite
tat shown who am i,wad i hate and wad i love
dunno when started...
miss her every single days
bcoz of the distance..
mayb like this will hav cons,mayb oso hav pros...who knows?

Girl..Miss You...

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