Sunday, December 14, 2014

Frisbee, Intellectual Discourse

Saturday, I joined Frostbite training session, was having drill and pick up with structures. Initially planned not to join their drills due to not slow down their progress of training and preparation for Ultimate competition at Penang. At last, I joined them because of PY was asking me to join and I really dreads the performance of mine would undermine their chemistry built. Though performance in drills wasn't that bad, but comes to pick up I totally was not in the situation and made a lot of careless mistakes. I'm thrilled to watch members of Frostbite accepted my humble opinion which are record and jot down agenda discussed and minutes in debrief session instead of repeat it again and again in every debrief session

Headed to Dim Sum restaurant to have my dinner with Kent and his girlfriend, Angie. Kent initially was frustrating and beseeching for my suggestions because sign of discords in between him and Angie, in joking way of course. By all means, surely have had intellectual discourse with 2 of them as well innumerable amount of insights from Angie towards distinct topic had discussed. It is too bad was feeling a little light-headed during discourse, it was 12AM midnight!

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