Friday, April 17, 2015

Industrial Training Program

Currently is an intern in Global Knowledge Training Centre. Slightly went sidetrack and expectation became disappointment at first. Thrilled when one of my senior transferred me a folder with 100GB full of lab guides and setup guides for configuring network *even certified trainer also not allow to have this folder*. I have learnt a lot, not from tasks assigned but from experiences of senior. I have so many goals need achieved before the end of my training program, champion of NetRider 2015 and Certified Cisco Network Professional Routing & Switching. Recently found out that I am a good listener but not a good lover, I advised, explained, helps them but somehow would rewinded my mind to what I have done previously, to all of them. Sigh, have taken these as personal experiences, and fortunately shaped me *positive one*, nurtured quite a different school of thought comparing to the other.

Now playing give you what you like. Deep down inside of me, feeling so lonely, no one can understand me, I am not going to tell what went on and no why. Because even I myself also can't figure it out, don't tell me you understand me, I would see that as lies. Basically, I am quite confident in achieve almost everything but not in a relationship. It clouds judgment, can't deal with it rationally, not gain what you've paid, it is going drive me nut even I am now merely thinking about these. And yea, perhaps you're right, traumatic experiences in the past.

It is 3.02A.M. now, the road to CCNP Routing & Switching going to have the first step after I have awake after sleep later. Goodnight, anyone who viewed this, fight hard for what you want, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

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