Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Totally have forgotten the existence of this personal blog, until today I found a blog which belongs a friend of mine , the only female student during web seminar class. How rare? should categorized as mythical? Amassed huge amount of inner feelings that could hardly to state every single one of them here, fewer of it are remains incomprehensible, beyond exegesis and pending for answer, either soon or later. Rewind to past few months go, I did take an action which just boldly approaches the one who lingering in my mind all the time during exam period. Guess what, everything went smooth, naturally with laughters, and was raining cats and dogs, an imaginary scene that comes real. After I could more likely to command and divert my attention onto unfinished tasks. Whenever say goodbye, we wave gaily before left. Other than that, my friend and I also will spend hours to train Frisbee throws, though inter-uni match has cancelled  which held at UTP, Perak, quite disappointing with this sudden news informed in whatsapp group chat. My passion toward Frisbee sport will never end in spite of any unfortunate matter, let discs fly! Bygone be bygone, another achievement unlocked days ago which I scored full coursework marks in my Networking subject, was trying to conceal my excitement at that moment and unleashed it to dearest buddies. Another step closer to Networking career and personal achievement which want to reach to the peak in Networking career.

A few thing I learned, once have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, it must be truth. Also, never theorize before you have all the evidence. It would biases the judgement.

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