Saturday, September 21, 2013

Genting Highland

Parents and my elder sister went back to home town to visit grandparents and they only free fore few days after mid-autumn festival. Since I have to interview for new job at Genting Highland, so I am not following them. Quite a long time never pay a visit to GH and outdoor theme park has closed for maintenance as well. Well, the time was 9am something when we reached to interviewer's hall and quite a lot of interviewees were ready for the interview session. Finally, we hired and informed 25th September will be the first day of working in there. Visited Starbucks which located nearby Hotel Maxim and got a free grande size drinks which is a redemption for first time of Starbucks's card registration.

So, have to prepare my certificates, 5 copies of NRIC and many things. Most important thing I have to do first is to buy a sweater otherwise I have no idea how to sleep on night. Exhausted, goodnight

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