Monday, September 16, 2013


Hmmm, how should I start the post? Just informed that have a job on yesterday and the time is 4pm until 1am which locate at Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC). Actually this is a brand new experience for me that first time to be a checker which holding UV light to check authenticity of tickets and tear out tear-able parts. What is in my mind first once reached to location? They shown me how poor their event management skills are and event banner never appear outside of the mall. Checker were just busy chatting around and even missed out tickets from few of party poopers, I was like dafuq? Tagger that responsible to tie up wristband on participant's hand simply walk around in the hall and having ludicrous performance in front of them. They smoke, chat, drink alcoholic drinks, flirt around party poopers with sexy outfit, and take charge position of female security to have body check on female. You told me you were from UCSI received tertiary education but don't know how to respect others, just simply take off hat of participants and touch people hair without asking any question? Shame on you, and feel ashamed for my senior supervisor.

Participants were increasing from time-to-time,  majority of the participants were Malay. I was wondering there why were they still bringing their sunglasses although there are no lamps are on, is it will look more cool with swinging their head? Seriously, DJ sucks, staffs sucks, songs sucks. If there has a rating, 2 stars out of 10 will given by me for the rating. The most surprised me there were still have outsiders go to counter to buy tickets though concert still half an hour left to end 。

Primary school friend, Casie Ng is going to leave Malaysia to Aussie. Haha, time flies and 8 years past after standard 6. So, hope wishes will come true and try to achieve the best in future. Good luck xxxxxx.
(x is for kisses and  o for hugs, Facebook friend from UK taught me these :P )

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