Friday, August 30, 2013

Family and Study

Finally, Diploma life came to an end but still have to wait for my final exam's result then only officially graduate from my diploma course. On 20th of August, I were having one last test on noon session and finished my paper at 4pm sharp. After that, 2 of our programme supervisors came and to have briefing for degree courses and announced the brand new course, Bachelor(Hons) Information Security, have too many students registered for the course, and now they have to filter and make it balance among these courses which are Internet Technology and Information System. For those students that chose Information Security through college's intranet, students with CGPA > 3.0 could stay in the new courses and for those lower than 3 pointer can either choose to continue the current course or one last option, Information System. Fortunately, I'm the one too with cgpa above 3.0 can stay in new courses for coming semester, but just only few of us include 2 of my classmates able proceed to new course offered. You know, that feeling was quite complicated and contradicts with the feeling of happy because have finished the test.

Today, on this after about 4.45pm, my sister was just depart from LCCT airport to Taiwan for complete her dream to be a nutritionist. Hmmm, I think she is going to reach Taiwan soon since that flight take 3-4 hours. Actually LCCT have nothing much special to introduce here, we snapped few photos before my sister departs and I spotted that I myself quite good looking in that family portrait, will upload it soon as my banner's cover *HAHAHAHA. Dear sister, good luck and do your best in your study, keep contact.

What I have planned to complete in holidays? Hehe, I started to build mass on this morning and have to gain more fit. Second, finish my 40 pages of translation work and last, prepare myself in advance before proceed to degree course, Information Security.

*End, Good Night*    

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