Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Random Post 1

            Still remember that kicks is came so sudden and planned to watch THE CONJURING alone. Once finished my dinner outside, I'm just back home immediately to take a shower get to the Kepong Cinema. I reached there and fortunately, there have just left one seat which is consider upper middle. Hehe, how lucky I were huh on that day. I found my seat, sat on there and just looking around. I were found out that everyone came with pair or number of friends, only I myself just went there alone (perhaps, just guessing around). FEw more minutes later, girls came and few of them sat beside me. HAHAHA, I'm not alone. Overall comment for that movie is consider good, quite scary due to the BASS was too loud.

Okayy, Networking test is around the corner. Have to continue my revision :P  

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