Saturday, October 26, 2013

Working life in Genting and Degree Life

Had been working for around one month in Genting Reward Gallery Too (GRG). At first I thought Guest Service Assistant (GSA) the position is higher than supervisor, after that only knew that supervisor = GSA. Actually not much to tell here, just have some friendly guys and they are Shirley, Winnie Wong, Joey Beh, Daniel, Hui Fung, Josephyne Liew, Kar Yan, Jia Sin, Phei Shin, Kok Leong, and especially Leon Yap. I found out that Leon Yap totally have no anger and have great sense of humour. Of course, there is still have some unhappy stuffs occurred during work time, dislike ordered by someone with using heavy tone. One more, wondering why most of them broke out so sudden in October and there have something totally out of my expectation too. Joey Beh and Josephyne, both of you deserve better, be tough and keep move on. The very first day after work for 8 hours, I was craving for leave Genting badly. Before leave Genting on 20th, my mood mixed up and of course not willing to leave Genting. Leaved Genting after took my lunch with colleagues at RSC 1.

Degree life started on 21st of October. Bachelor of Internet Technology in Information Security, a new course, new course mates from different background, new assignments groups and new experience. First week past and 6 weeks time to go for prepare our assignments, mid-term test and final test. SO...stay tune for latest news for my next post. hehe

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