Monday, September 10, 2012


Yeap, still left 6 days to go and college will re-open.
what i done in holiday?
nothing special.

DotA 2, drama, hang out and movie.
And finally, passed my car's test by today.

Not really surprise for passing because failed one time before that.
Results of my test haven't tell all of my friends yet.

Humiliated myself today at canteen of JPJ by telling truth of failed my 1st test.

You rather judge me that's my problem tho i told you what happened exactly.
Okay, I'm speechless since you say so, fine.

Met one guy who always speak loudly at the JPJ hall.
I think he has no experience in driving but then still act like a PRO.
Still teaching others how to parking, how to make a complete 3 point turn and blahh.

Am laughing out loudly
when Examiner ask him come out from car because of failed to park correctly, funny.

Good Night peeps! :)

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