Sunday, September 16, 2012

Black Belt 1st Degree

Passed my black belt test smoothly.
Physical test, Breaking Test, Pattern and Theory Test.

Breaking Test 1 - Flying side kick. Need fly over 3 chairs to break that board.

Breaking test 2 - Need to use either elbow or knife hand to strike a brick

Shout out and strike! Brick was break.

Breakng test 3 - Failed to strike this brick using my knife hand. Anyone know what grade for this brick?

Breaking test 4 - Need to break 2 planks and 1 inch for each plank

4th Dan's Instructor and Me .

Maybe 2nd brick's density was too high for me.
I failed to strike it with using knife hand strike.
My hand was vibrating while going back to my seat after finished 3rd breaking test.
It's freaking pain you know?!
And now,i can't even lock the door and still in massive pain.
Bruises was getting worse and rub it with some traditional oil.

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