Sunday, September 30, 2012

5th Semester.Diploma

I haven't own a black belt uniform although i passed my test for 2 weeks time. Absent training class for today and went In-House cafe have a break and cybercafe.

My college life was started and another good news, i got 3.46 GPA and my CGPA were rising too. Anyway, i will try to achieve and get better result for coming semester.

I admit that am a soft-hearted person. Sometimes, will agitate easily when touched some sensitive issues and can't make a wise decision. Am should acted more mature and wise since have to face everything myself and  not thinking too much. Change yourself that able to live stronger but not changed to more miserable,torture yourself.

I'm bad in holding temper while gaming but not that worse until overturn my table, kidding*.
Am humble and friendly at first unless you are showing yours shitty expression and rude words to me. So, watch up yours mouth when you wanna know about me at first meet. I'll try to hide my emotion in order to avoid from affects other people's mood and i will keep myself in silent mode tho i failed to do so.

5.04A.M. now and haven't feel sleepy and tire yet.
Am ate 2 Shanghai moon cake while blogging.
Happy Moon Cake Festival & Good Nights!

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