Saturday, June 8, 2013


few days ago, I'd went to public bank where located at Kepong
Purposely go there for deposit money, register and activate E-banking portal
deposited RM 600, and activated E-banking portal after that.
Incident happened when I reverse my car from parking lot
Rush to home, step on the pedal and speed up the speed of reverse.
"Bang!" sound was heard, Uh-Oh appears in my very first thought.
RM 400 flew in the same day, same place.
Bought a lesson, have to check both side mirrors to double confirmed whether have something blocked or stopped behind the car.

I have had drank an Americano at Ochado Setapak few days ago
Finally I know how to differentiate  between Americano and Long Black
adding water to espresso (espresso on the bottom) -------> Americano
adding espresso to water (espresso on the top) -----------> Long Black
Just according what I tasted after had drank these 2 coffee
Americano is more bitter than Long Black.
Americano is giving a similar strength but different flavour with regular drip coffee
Reminder: never add sugar to these 2 type coffee, otherwise you'll regret because of weird taste.

Have a nice day, night :))

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