Friday, May 31, 2013

Belated Present

Belated prezzie from Minzy.
nothing special, drive to campus as usual and have jogged 4km
after that, received a parcel after reached home for awhile
quite surprise, thanks Minzy Tan! 
There still have few packs of nutmeg inside the parcel. Favourite snacks :P

Hehe, seriously not me "JUAL MAHAL" as you say
I know that you were joking
But, for me, the main character of someone birthday is not them, is their parent
Wondering why some of them they rather spend whole day with their friends
party, clubs instead of truly appreciate the moment with their parents on that day.

Crocodile watch, awwwhh love it very much :P
Before ome to the end, thanks again
Wish that your parent would pass through that operation smoothly.

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