Sunday, January 1, 2012

These Few Days

29th of DEC
go shopping with my fren
and go bought some CNY cloths
before the year end sales end at 31th :P
went Jefferson, Matsuda, SUB, Uniqlo and other places
kinda fun shopping with classmates
hehe, got a SUB member card after spent 300++
there was about 11pm onli reach home and spent almost 11hrs to shopping

30th of DEC
quite boring at home and doin revision from morning till evening
bcoz night still nid go out for movie and snooker with frens
23:59 the movie consider moderate
quite short the story
but still okok laaa, some of my frens scare and yell out
OMG...the audience looking to us, feel paiseh lakkk
inside the cinema was cold like hell ><!

hehe, time for snooker at 2nd round after finished the movie
awhhhh, Nico play with me 
LOL...two beginner for snooker used alot time to clear the table
somemore, she was shooooooooo talkative,beh tahan = =''
1hrs later,reached home zzzzz....

31th of DEC
the last day of the 2011
quite excited
5...4...3...2...1...FIREWORKS EXPLODE!!!!!
and our SNOW WAR had begin~!!
hahahahahaha, dunno they giv me some tips or wad
WAAHHH, Iven u are soooo clean and sooo pannai to hide thn shoot us with snow horr??
OMG, GG me next year = =''
Yuckkks,whole body sticky and smell like pepsi
the fireworks are sooo beautiful

aaaa haaa! the line jammed like hell and suckssssss at DPC
received alot of miss call from frens
hehe, thx for the wishing lakkk frens
one more FUNNY CASE
im said im waiting at playground thr
Tracey wait me at the field at another side
LOL...laugh die at the calls,hell yeah :D

after snow war ended and decided go Kepong Food Court
oh mannnn, exhausted and very very hungry
ordered my favourite popiah, but oso consider moderate 1 
chit chat bi li ba la~

last round, beer beer and CHO DAI DI~!!!
actually just beer onli but i dunno hw to gambling
and just know receive money and giv money
SUCKKKSSS....they laugh at me pulakkk = =''
IM good guy plssss, stop laughing i said :P

the next round will at CNY eve...
lets rock the nights again they appoint me
got one of the guy go to TAIWAN celebrate new year
LOL...come on :D

1st of JAN 2012
the 5am i slpt and rest
12pm++ woke up
isshhhh, nt enough slp larr weyyy
duhhhh~tire all the day
just rest at home,nth much special
HAHAHAHAHA, the first day of 2012 spent like this

the 13th trying to forgot all the things about u
Finally knew the truth, not goin to blame u anymore :)

Good Luck to YOU GUYS
Had a nice weekend with u all ^^


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