Sunday, January 22, 2012


3.45am now and i dunwan slp
too excited but dunno why
but for sure,not my CNY mood on

just finish watched THE VIRAL FACTOR
quite nice..hehe
but it end at 2am++
im feel tire :((

saw parent bought jor many snacks
hehe,finish it in the car later :P
oh no....goin be fatty soon
feel fresh after had a cool shower

and wondering why u still wearing the watch
too loose...nt suit u at all
im not that clever and i dunwan guess,ever

syok sendiri after had a cool bath :))

hair arrr hair..grow faster plzzzz~~~~~hehe

i admit and sry...
in that moment..
just wanna cuddle you tightly and have a big cry
maybe this is only the way to release the stress and feeling? too weakkkkkkk

when onli gonna be tough?

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