Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Yay Christmas Eve, Yay stay at home tonight
Quite a long time didn't update my bloggie due to my laziness

Guess what, University going reopen soon at 30th and my result for second semester will be release on 27th. So, I have done nothing during this semester break, fully de-motivated after finished my final test. I have planned to watch movie, eat dinner and deliberately go to Pavillion in order to experience myself the ambience of Christmas. In short, I will solo whole day on tomorrow, no dates, no partner. Anyway, tomorrow will be my very first time involve myself in this sort of gala and awaiting the snow which will start at 8pm in the Pavillion. By the way, Chinese New Year is approaching as well and I got no any feeling on that. Every year, my mom purposely remind me that I am not youngster any more and a teen should be responsible to anything I do, not ego and emotional. Have lived for 20 years but not even one time I buy a gift to myself on birthday, planning to get one for myself on coming birthday, thanks myself, motivate myself and glad myself. In this end of December, hopefully there is a surprise from my result.
Sorry for my poor English and I improve myself. The End.  

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