Friday, February 15, 2013

Chinese New Year and Valentines

My grandpa was past away last year
and, he will never join us again and participate any celebrations
From year to year, am feel that CNY celebration not really vital to me, meaningless
Most of my relatives not coming back to celebrate too since my grandpa past away
what is my pastime during CNY period at hometown?
watch CNY program, drama, movie, ride and drive in a small little mini area.
no doubt, have go nowhere.

Everything has changed, 2 of my very closed cousins is working during CNY period
1 of my cousin married
Relationship between me and 2 of my cousins getting worse from year to year due to busy for working

I've heard from my aunt that my generation inherited diabetes
Am stunned for few seconds while holding a can of Shandy
She explained to me both side of my grandparents were diabetics
I have my word, stop taking too much of soft drinks
will change my eating habits.

Alright, enough for the heavy
Valentine? aihhh...
I was watching drama while they celebrating with their beloved.
Go nowhere, just stay at home
Guess what?
I had never thrown a party for any celebration
So, who'll be the lucky one celebrate with me? :P

Fragile little human
How good if am got unparalleled senses?

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