Tuesday, May 1, 2012

College Life

hmmmph, have a long time doesn't update my blog
hehe, here i am update my blog~

college reopen at 4/30 and result released too
sooooo nervous and insomnia for the day
promised myself must study hard in this SEM

after finish the Information System lecture class
then we had lunch at Sushi King which locate at KL Festival City
yum yum yum..delicious and very full after ate 8 dishes of sushi

took a brochure at MAC City
planning to buy Macbook Pro 13''450 GB
awhhhh, considering should I spent those money

Oh ya, I have 1month og break after finished my last sem's final exam
everyday stay at home at activities are go at midnight
sooooo bore and going rot

My New Life started 133 days ago

Study hard, Play Hard

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