Tuesday, February 22, 2011


gt abit emo since i sit in the car to company
But,i enjoyed the meeting in the morning
A short film had played by them,
and i had learned alot theory/meaningful sentences...
Wow...thx alot to Johnny~!

After meeting,had a lunch with Natalie and cold-calling after finish the lunch
we cold-calling at Hospital Tropicana
wad a unfortunate day...i had no chance to do Opening with customer

after that,we had chged location and go to Rawang
actually just folo David go JOINT CALL,
David nt allowed us go in when we reached the destination
REASON is too many ppl...WAD THE = ="

had took many picture near the David's car...
3 lazy fellows =P

Now....feel annoyed
Am I think too much?
Who knows?

Dear....Do you know I very miss you right nw?

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